Anthony has created and implemented many large scale community and charity projects and is passionate about working with various groups and schools to build awareness and focus on the importance of community, belonging, and rites of passage.

'The Story of Big Frog' 2020

This art installation based in Murrumbeena, Victoria, Australia is a gift to the local community. The project was designed, created and installed by Anthony Breslin and his team. The art piece was based on a story 'Big Frog' found in the kids book 'Brezania' by Anthony Breslin. The work was completed and installed in 2021.

Directed by Eamon Wyss
Filmed by Anthony Breslin, Jason Marx & Tara Strong
Music Arranged by Eamon Wyss

The Breslin Gallery - 'A Path to Follow' Exhibition

In 2014 The Breslin Gallery hosted and co produced with "A Path to Follow" an exhibition and event to raise awareness and money for mental health support.

The Breslin Gallery - 'Juxtaposition' Exhibition

In March 2014 The Breslin Gallery, hosted managed & curated the exhibition "juxtaposition" featuring artists Mark Howey, Sara Catena & Micael Jenkins.

The Breslin Gallery - 'Eclectika' Exhibition

In December 2013 The Breslin gallery hosted an exhibition featuring the work of Jessica Charlotte, Bruce Earles, Mark Ewenson, Andrew Pearson, Phoenix, Ian Rogers, Merry Sparks & Lee Trewartha.

The Breslin Gallery - First Exhibition  'A Taste of things to Come' 2013

In October 2013, Anthony Breslin launched his first official show at The Breslin Gallery. It featured artists - Catherine Abel, Kathleen Breslin, Jamie Daddo, Elizabeth James, Jud Keresztesi, Jasper Knight, Joanne

Trybe - 'An Opera in Paint'

This video shows Anthony Breslin's Trybe; an opera in paint from the over head camera only. Its a recording of one performance from a 10 show season in March 2013 at the main theatre at Chapel off Chapel, Melbourne, Australia.

Trevor Victor Harvey Exhibition - 'Business as Usual' - Sydney

In July 2012 TVH gallery hosted Anthony Breslin's solo show "Business as Usual" at their Seaforth gallery. The show featured Anthony's work as well as launched a Breslin range of leggings & fair trade T-shirts!This trailer was filmed & edited by Harvey House film productions.

'The Art of Football'

In October 2009 Anthony Breslin worked full time at Christian College Geelong to create an ambitious, world-first installation/ performance art piece entitled "the art of football".In this time over 500 students worked on creating the visual and performance aspects of this unique football match.

'Cultural Infusion' mural project 2009

In 2009 cultural infusion approached Anthony Breslin to run a very different project within 10 remote schools. He came up with an idea that would result in a unique, malleable, mural being created that the school could hang.

'Myer Windows Live Exhibition 2005'

The Myer windows in Bourke Street were turned into a studio and the gallery where Anthony created art in front of an audience and then exhibited with the potential to be bought within seconds of its hanging.